IBM Virtual Events

The Virtual Events was designed, developed and launched during the economic down turn which was keeping people from attending live events. In collaboration with IBM we developed a holistic approach by designing custom event spaces. The platform was created to be a simulation of a face-to-face event, to actually replicate the experience of a live event.

A couple years after the first launch of Virtual Events we redesigned the entire visual experience. We were able to work with event host Intercall to develop new interfaces that interact with the new IBM branded graphic backgrounds. We designed a series of graphic templates along with a 65 page guidance document so the IBM Event Managers and our design partners could implement their own events while maintaining brand consistency.

Since launching the Virtual Event Center, IBM has executed more than 80 events across 26 countries, reaching more than 18,000 people and serving upwards of 15,000 downloads of content.

Client: IBM

Agency: VSA Partners

Role: Senior Designer

Virtual Events Initial Launch

Virtual Events Rebrand


Select Pages from the Virtual Events Guidance Document